Decommissioning and Dismantling

In almost every demolition project, there is equipment and/or machinery that requires selective removal, in most cases for resale or transport to a new location.

 Investment Recovery

Renu Demolition utilizes a variety of cost effective methods and strategies to recover the value of an asset, such as auctions, redeployment, or safe removal of the asset.

 Plant Tear Out

Renu Demolition utilizes safe, cost effective, and time saving methods to strip-out old or unusable production, assembly or manufacturing machinery and tooling.

Complete Demolition

Renu Demolition has an experienced professional staff that utilizes safe, cost effective, and time saving methods to satisfy our customer's specific demolition needs.

Recycling and Cleanup

Utilizing specialized processing equipment, Renu Demolition has the advantage of saving time and money by processing recyclable materials on-site.

Environmental Remediation

Renu Demolition manages all aspects of environmental remediation, as well as the abatement of hazardous materials such as: asbestos, lead and mold.